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Consultation and Supervision


Consultation for Therapists

Building a strong therapeutic relationship with clients is the cornerstone of a positive therapy experience. However, when mental health professionals and practitioners have clients who bring up concerns related to sex and/or sexuality, it can leave therapists feeling unsure of how to proceed. While there are times when clients should be referred for sex therapy specifically, there are also many times in which continuing with the client and receiving support would best serve the client. 

I offer individual, dyad, and group consultation to help support therapists to address a myriad of sexual issues.  These may include topics like problematic sexual behaviors, sexual functioning, gender identity, sexual orientation, alternative sexual interests such as BDSM or polyamory, or past sexual offending among other things. 

This may be a one-time consultation session, regularly scheduled sessions, or as needed.


Licensure Supervision 


I am a MN Board-approved Supervisor for Marriage and Family Therapists. Additionally, I can supervise a certain percentage of hours for counselors and social workers. This is ideal for those who have an interest in working with clients who have specific sexual concerns, are questioning their sexuality and/or gender identity, or are part of sexual minority lifestyles.


Although my current focus is around sexual well-being and sexuality, I have a background in the more general mental health areas of anxiety and depression as well. I have also worked in both residential and outpatient chemical dependency treatment centers throughout the years. 

**Please contact me for more information about fees, scheduling individual or dyad consultation or supervision, and current group availability. 

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