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Psychosexual Evaluations


For Spanish Speakers

For native Spanish speakers, finding a qualified evaluator is challenging at best. Using interpreters and translators can lead to misunderstandings. Best practice calls for all aspects of evaluations to be completed in a client's first language by someone who also has an understanding of culture. I offer psychosexual evaluations in Spanish, with a report and feedback session offered to the client in Spanish as well as the same given to the referral source in English as warranted. 



For People in the LGBTQIA+ Community


This is an area in which I specialize. Based on my experience working with this population, and being part of the community myself, I have a deeper level of understanding of the culture. I take this into account when synthesizing the components of the evaluation and can make more nuanced recommendations, thereby better addressing Risk-Needs-Responsivity.

**I offer Psychosexual Evaluations both in person and virtually throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. Please contact me for more information about availability, rates, and the process.

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