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Therapeutic Services


Individual Therapy

As a sex-positive, body-positive, inclusive, and affirming therapist, I will likely be a good fit for you...

if you are looking for support as you explore and/or navigate your sexual orientation and/or gender identity;

if you are a part of the ENM/CNM, kink, and/or BDSM communities;

if you are struggling with sexual functioning such as erectile dysfunction, low sexual desire, or out-of-control sexual behavior;

if you are reintegrating into life after committing a sexual offense;

if you want to process attractions to others that may be uncomfortable.

** I am in-network with UCare, Blue Cross Blue Shield,  Medica, Health Partners, and Optum insurance companies.


Relational/Couples Therapy


Relational (or couples) therapy is ideal early in a relationship to establish healthy patterns and relationship dynamics. However, most couples wait until a relationship is in crisis prior to coming to therapy. I can be helpful in both situations or anything in between.

My experience is in working with couples of all sexual orientations and genders. I assist couples in, but not limited to, the following: becoming comfortable having more explicit conversations around sex and sexuality, opening up a previously monogamous relationship and/or navigating multiple relationships, moving through infidelity, and finding sexual fulfillment. 

My training as a Marriage and Family Therapist means I look at the relationship system as a whole instead of at one partner or another. I help to identify unhelpful patterns and address the way interactions happen, working to shift all parties' involvement to that of healthier communication.  

** I do not take insurance for relational/couples therapy to stay true to the relationship as the client itself.

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